Vertical High Jump Trainer


Optic Vertical High Jump Trainer-Black to improve the leg strength to do anything you can do to achieve the squat action or participate in any sport, for enhancing the jump, speed and strength are very helpful with rubber foot ring/ring is the adjustable wrist, snap Department can add more elastic rope to increase resistance.
– Improve jumping ability.
– Increase leg and arm strength.
– Cultivate the habit of coordination and exertion.
– Reduce the centre of gravity effectively.
– The jump trainer maximizes your vertical and horizontal explosiveness by strengthening quads, hips and glutes.
– Increase lower body dynamic strength by adding resistance to drills and training workouts.
What’s in the box
1 X Optic Vertical High Jump Trainer – Black
1 X Optic Warranty Card
1 X Belt
2 X Bands
1 X Waistband Ankle
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